About Us


OsuMart.lk is an online portal, owned and operated by Subodha Pharmacy which is a company duly incorporated in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka under the Business Name Ordinance (Cap 149)  Incorporated by Business Name Statute No. 1 Of 1992 under Registration No.187185 and having its registered office at Main Street, Medirigiriya.

OsuMart.lk objective is to get pharmaceutical products delivered to customers' doorstep instantly as they request within the limits of Polonnaruwa. Therefore, Subodha Pharmacy has launched an online portal to place the order by customers to process the order by pharmacist at the back end.

OsuMart.lk portal will have wide range of health-related products such as over the counter medicines, surgical items, medical devices and cosmetics moreover OsuMart.lk would deliver the prescription medicines once a customer/patient/caregiver uploads the valid prescription to OsuMart.lk portal. Customers need to agree with terms and conditions and be informed about the privacy policy in order to use OsuMart.lk online portal through mobile phone or desktop computer securely.